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WSL2 Ubuntu 22.04 换国内源, 阿里云、清华、中科大和163

如需其它系统源,建议直接去阿里巴巴开源镜像站,速度很快 https://developer.aliyun.com/mirror/ Ubuntu 22.04 阿里源 deb http://mirrors.aliyun.com/ubuntu/ jammy main restricted universe multiverse deb-src http://mirrors.aliyun.com/ubuntu/ ja…

   207   2023-10-25   Read more
问题现象: openwrt作为主路由拨号上网,此局域网内的主机使用easyconnect连接内网,发现内网ip可以ping通,但是无法使用域…
   1,035   2023-06-11   Read more
总览: 一个POOL是指预分配的一些存储空间,这些存储空间会分布在多个target上,具体分配到每一个target的容量大小叫做p…
   705   2022-09-04   Read more

23. Merge k Sorted Lists

Problem https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/merge-k-sorted-lists/ Solutions /** * Definition for singly-linked list. * public class ListNode { * int val; * ListNode next; * ListNode() {} * ListNode(int val) { this.val…

   415   2021-09-14   Read more

21. Merge Two Sorted Lists

Problem https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/merge-two-sorted-lists/ Solutions /** * Definition for singly-linked list. * public class ListNode { * int val; * ListNode next; * ListNode() {} * ListNode(int val) { this.v…

   361   2021-09-04   Read more

1. Two Sum

Problem https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/two-sum/ Solutions Enumerate Go through nums[] array and set i = len, j = i + 1. Then loop every possible cases by using 2 for loop. class Solution { public int[] twoSum(int[] nums, int…

   348   2021-08-27   Read more

How to completely uninstall/remove cygwin from windows10

Steps for removal open powershell with administrator privilege. run takeown /f PATH_TO_CYGWIN /r /d y, for me, PATH_TO_CYGWIN = C:\ENVs\MinGW64. run icacls PATH_TO_CYGWIN /t /grant everyone:F run del PATH_TO_CYGWIN. check if the files are…

   384   2021-08-17   Read more

CMU 15-445/645 - Homework assignment #1 SQL

0x00. Desciption execute sql queies in SQLite in IMDB database. 0x01. Evn setup I’m using Ubuntu20.04 VM for this homework. The VM is installed on VMware Workstation Pro 15. There’re several steps to prepare: install SQLite, sudo apt-g…

   654   2021-05-27   Read more
ECE9609 - Notes for Sudo Heap-based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2021-3156)
Sudo Heap-based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2021-3156) Background Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures, so-called CVE,…
   417   2021-03-20   Read more

Limit GPU memory growth in tensorflow 2.4.x by setting environment variable

Simplest way(TensorFlow 2.2+) import tensorflow as tfgpus = tf.config.experimental.list_physical_devices('GPU')for gpu in gpus: tf.config.experimental.set_memory_growth(gpu, True) Or set environment variable set TF_FORCE_GPU_ALLOW_GROWTH to true.…

   452   2021-03-11   Read more
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